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8 "Baba Ganka" Square,
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
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Law Office CHRISTINA SEMOVA is an established law office in Bulgarian legal circles with wide range of activities and a long list of clients, both native and foreign.

The law office is guided in its work by the principles of uprightness in its business relations with clients, discreetness and strict keeping of official and clients' personal secrets.

  • If need be, the lawyer Semova works in close co-operation with leading law offices in the country and abroad.

  • The law office has acquired solid experience in performing all necessary formalities in connection with the registration of various juridical persons - court registration of sole proprietors and companies, branches, etc. and all subsequent needed under Bulgarian law registrations with the different institutions such as tax authorities, National Social Insurance Company, National Statistics Institute, etc.

  • The law office registers alterations in the status of business subjects, their transformation and reorganization, acquisition of share participation, and joint-stock capital, etc. The law office offers subscription to enrolled body corporate and physical persons, incl. foreign partnerships. It draws up various trade contracts and secures procedural representation concerning commercial activities.

  • In the sphere of real estate, the office renders a full set of services, mostly to foreign clients. The law office maintains a close contact with several real estate agencies, enjoying a good reputation and has gained a solid experience in arranging and performing all kinds of l transactions with real estate, finding the suitable property round the country according to criteria set in advance, examining the legal status of the real estate, conducting talks and ensuring client's representation in connection with the transaction.

  • Law office Semova Burgas has specialized in lawsuits in the spheres of law of estate, obligation law, family law, heritage law, divorce suits and division of property, child adoption, indemnification, remedial action (law of torts), bringing about contractual liability and libel over, revoking contracts in court or out-of-court.

  • In the sphere of administrative law the law office assists its clients in appealing against administrative acts and refusing to recognize their issue, appealing against penal provisions, etc.

  • The law office renders qualified legal assistance in criminal trials, securing procedural representation before the body of the Ministry of the Interior, the judicial inquiry and the court. The law office has experience of long standing in transport lawsuits and carrying into effect the liability of the Underwriter.

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